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18th December

It’s a weird thing about agency life: if you charge a packet of money for a bit of thinking it tends to be more valued by clients than if you offer it for free. This can be galling, as some of the best thinking and suggestions one can offer will be off the cuff and given in a spirit of inspired enthusiasm. Sadly, if you want the idea to be taken up, it’s prudent to keep one’s powder dry, go away and put it on some charts that will be charged for. It’s a lesson I have never really learnt.

Which brings us to our annual free book. A sequel to last year’s Champions of Design, it’s another brace of observations on how decent design has helped make good brands great. We like to think that sticking our neck out and saying in print what we think makes for effective design shows at least the courage of our convictions. You can view it for free here.


We’ll also be launching Kindle versions of all four jkr books later this week – look out for more details in the next few days.

It’s fun doing some free thinking and the more folk who enjoy the results, the happier we will be, so please do pass the link on to colleagues and kindred spirits.

Happy Christmas.

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  1. J

    December 18, 2012 11:42 pm

    Fantastic! thanks JKR, always sharing quality and thought provoking opinions, I always look forward to the annual JKR book, heres to many more

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