Introducing jkr Juice 2013

08th January

We are very pleased to announce that our international student design competition, jkr Juice, is now open.

If you are currently studying graphic design and are interested in a career in packaging, this is a great opportunity to experience life at a leading design agency.

This year’s brief is all about honey – how would you create a brand for an urban beekeeper’s company? We are looking for applicants to consider the entire brand from naming, to product range, to advertising and beyond. Download the brief and full T&Cs here.

First prize is £250 and a 2 week work placement. Second prize is a 2 week work placement.

Please submit entries to The closing date is Friday 22nd March 2013.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook & Twitter for regular updates on the competition.

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How many did you guess?

24th September

Click here to download the answers…

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The jkr Design Gazette Book

16th December

“You had me at hello” – buy it here.

For our second year running, we have produced an anthology of the jkr Design Gazette, rounding up all of its trend analysis and observations and adding a lot more new thinking on top.

Last year’s attempt (“Is Brad Pitt a Fishfinger?”) was described as “well informed and brilliantly observed  - essential reading” that “might become a branding classic” by Grafik magazine. Bloomberg Business Week called it “entertaining and thought provoking”. The only trouble was we limited “Brad Pitt” to a thousand copies, most of which went to our clients. We are offering this year’s equivalent for sale on Amazon, with costs kept as low as we could manage.

What do you get for £7.99? Fifty two observations from the past year, all freshly hashed up. And a big essay which endeavours to discuss our postmodern design era without getting too intellectual. There’s also a brilliant introduction by IPA president and TED Talker Rory Sutherland.

Here’s a teaser:

(Non-flash users, please click here)

“The Blue Lady” is fully illustrated throughout (I would love to say “lavishly” but this is a black and white book, aimed for the satchel and journey to work, not the coffee table). The Gazette itself is enjoying between four and six hundred visitors a day at the moment (two thousand on a great day) and for those of you who come back regularly, may I take this moment to say a heartfelt thanks! In light of this, the first 5 readers to email will receive a complementary copy*.

“I needed convincing” – buy it here.

*Please email your name & postal address, with “design gazette” as the subject.

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Brand persuasion in packaging

15th October

Andy Knowles did a talk last week at the easyFairs Packaging Innovation Show 2010. If you want to hear an interview with him from the event, click below:

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A bit of fun on our twentieth anniversary

29th June

As we turn the corner on our second decade, jkr celebrated with a birthday bash in Jersey. We have a small shindig every year, always branded to reflect the location of the bash.

As our designer Alex states, “this was a classic combination of 2 ideas – Jersey cows plus island rally (which is what we were up to) equals a cow dressed in British racing green”. The event organisers liked it so much that they’ve adopted it for all their future events in Jersey!

Here are some of the stats we shared to show how we have evolved over the last twenty years…

…Our client base has become more dynamic over the last 20 years

…And our office space has grown considerably

…From 0.9 desks per person to a more spacious 1.13 dpp!

…Which meant our first move with 4 people and 2 allen keys was very understated compared to our lastest move!

…Here are all the places we’ve visited on our annual weekends away

…And this is the number of jkr babies that have been born over the last 20 years!

If you want to join us for our 21st, please take a look here for current job openings:

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